Street-car intersection: Thirty-first and Halsted streets.
This building on the northwest corner of Thirty-first and Halsted stands out at first notice due to its height -- which owes to its being built at a street-car intersection. It may have been over-built. The Bridgeport business district (a relatively minor one considering the population of the area) developed at Thirty-fifth and Halsted streets instead. So was the placement of this building a failed gamble of locational strategy? Possibly in terms of its size, but business in Bridgeport was diffused -- found in various sized clumps and in scattered or even isolated spots throughout the community. Reasons for this are that Bridgeport had many ethnic shops and several street-car streets. Just north of this intersection was a business district on Halsted between Archer and Twenty-sixth street. Directly south was the Lithuanian business area and the Thirty-fifth/Halsted district. East and west along Thirty-first were German and Polish shops.