Advertisement of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railway, 1865
Originally chartered as the Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad Company, the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago railway opened officially on Christmas Day of 1858 and was a major connection to the East Coast. There were no stations near Bridgeport then. In the early 1860s a station was opened at the South Branch bridge -- which is listed on this ad (mile post 3).

The tracks of this railroad and the former Chicago and Western and Indiana railroad (built in 1879) define the boundary between Bridgeport and Armour Square. Eventually this became part of the Pennsylvania Railroad System, then the Penn Central railroad, and today exists as Conrail.

Source: James T. Hair, comp., Chicago City Directory for the Year 1865-6 (Chicago: J.C.W. Bailey, 1865), railroad appendix, p. [lxxxvii].