View of the eastern part of the old South Branch Addition, circa 1906-7.

This view was taken from the Gottfried brewery, looking north, along the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne, and Chicago/Chicago and Western Indiana tracks; the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fé/Chicago, Madison and Northern railroads cut in from the upper left). This is today part of Armour Square.

The South Branch Addition hugged the banks of the South Branch of the Chicago river east of present-day Halsted street. Like Bridgeport proper, this area was subdivided in 1836, and it early developed into an industrial zone. German neighborhoods surrounded the industries. Considerable numbers of Irish and later Czechs and Swedes also lived nearby. From 1864-65 onward this area was connected to Bridgeport by the Archer Road horse car line. About the late 1880s, Italians began moving into this area.

Source: Chicago Department of Public Works Annual Report, 1906, p. 383. See bibliography for publication information.