View of Bridgeport, circa 1910.

This view was taken from the Albert Pick building at Thirty-fifth/Racine, looking northeastward. Despite Bridgeport's reputation as a grungy stockyard neighborhood, the area seen in this photograph is quite clean. Note the variety of housing on long narrow lots in this relatively new section of town. Three of the major churches are visible -- the Immaculate Conception (German) church on the left, Saint Mary of Perpetual Help (Polish) church, and Saint George (Lithuanian) church.

The large round structures seen are iron tanks of the People's Gas-Light and Coke company. This gas works was one of several such sites in the Bridgeport area. The first gas works was built on Cologne (now Eleanor) street along the river, circa 1871. The gas plant was a prominent icon of northwest Bridgeport in the writings of Finley Peter Dunne in his Mr. Dooley columns of the mid-1890s.

Source: Central Manufacturing District (1915), p. 29. See bibliography for publication information.