Thirty-first street railroad crossing, 1906.

View of the Thirty-first street crossing of the Pittsburgh, Fort Wayne and Chicago/Chicago and Western Indiana railroad tracks (looking west toward Bridgeport) during the track elevation project, circa 1906-07.

Thirty-first street, being a horse car line was also a secondary business street (Archer and Halsted streets were the primary ones in Bridgeport; Wentworth was the primary business street in Armour Square). This section of town was strongly German. Businesses in town were more scattered than concentrated, since each ethnic group had an array of their own shops, so those seen in this picture were likely heavily German stores. Note the dress of the by-standing public. For as poor and destitute as Bridgeporters (and those of Armour Square) are usually described, they appear surprisingly well-dressed here.

Source: Chicago Department of Public Works Annual Report, 1906, p. 469. See bibliography for publication information.