Table 3


Number and Percent of land uses (a)
Type use Number Percent
Purely Residential 5177 69.9
Residential with business 1103 14.9
All Residential (b) 6820 84.8
Purely Commercial (c) 258 3.5
Temporary Business uses 19 0.3
Purely Industrial 773 10.4
Mixed Industrial and commercial 2 *
Public and Institutional 75 1.0
Total land uses (excepting vacant)7407100.0

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 *. Figure of less than one-tenth of one percent.

 a. This is strictly in terms of the number of land uses and does not take
    land area into account.

 b. Does not include the residential with business category.

 c. All residential includes residential and residential with business
    categories; this particular category must be removed to reach 100
    percent useage figures.

 Works Project Administration, Housing in Chicago Communities
 (1940), vol. 60,  p.9. See bibliography for publication information.