| Viscosity Oil Company                  |
 | Central Manufacturing District Chicago |

Mr. H. E. Poronto,
1305 First National Bank Bldg.
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Sir:

	Your inquiry as to how our original enthusiasm back in 1911, for
the District, had worn for these few years, brings to our mind, naturally,
first the success that we have attained in our business. 
	Since locating in the District we have felt a general influence as
a result of our being identified with the District and the men of which it
is made up. There has been a stability of associates which seems to have
reflected itself in our business, and if we are to judge by the volume and
general increases we have had from year to year, we would say there has
been a very marked influence. 
	We lay the real beginning of the broadening of our success, to our
new location. The remarkable growth of the District in this short period
of years and the growth of the various enterprises represented in the
District, are enough proof to us that our selection was wisely made. 
	Permit us to thank you and your assistants, at this time, for the
untiring attention that you have given to the details as they have come up
in the natural course of intimate relation covering the past few years. 
	We have adopted the mail address of the Central Manufacturing
District, Chicago, for the simple reason that there is a bigness to it
that has seemed to have had a real value. 
	We are looking forward to the time when we will be a double
capacity shipper over our present day figures.

					Very truly yours,


					      Per /s/ W.D. Simmons
S                                                President.

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