| J. L. Metz Furniture Mfg. Co. |
 | 1461-1503 West 37th Street    |
 | Chicago.                      |

Mr. H. E. Poronto,

    1305 First National Bank Bldg.,

			  Chicago, Ill.

Dear Sir:-

                If you will refer to our letter of September 30th, 1911
which was written shortly after our coming to the Central Manufacturing
District, and now that almost four years have elapsed, it gives us
exceptional knowledge of the many advantages of this wonderful District. 

                Not alone, for the splendid location which as previously
written, is easily reached from the downtown by street car within twenty
to thirty minutes, but our experience in the receiving and shipping of
cars has been of great satisfaction.  Cars come and go with rapid dispatch
and with much ease to ourselves. 

                The District itself has been maintained beautifully, and
truly, it is not only a source of satisfaction, but considerable pleasure
to all those who are fortunate enough to be located in the finest
manufacturing district of America.  Not only the buildings, but the
District itself being maintained in a manner rare to warehouse and
manufacturing industries.

                May you continue to render to others the same generous
service you have so liberally contributed to us.

		With our very best wishes for a still greater District, we are

                              Yours very truly,

                                /s/ J. L. Metz
                              J. L. Metz Furniture Mfg. Co.,
							 Not Inc.

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