| Larkin Co             |
 | of Illinois           |
 | Chicago Branch        |
 | 3617 So. Ashland Ave. |

Mr. H. E. Poronto,
1305 First National Bank Building,
Chicago, Illinois.

My dear Mr. Poronto:

			We located in the Central Manufacturing District
January 1st, 1912, the first year occupying rented quarters during the
erection of our new building located at 3617 to 3629 South Ashland Avenue.
We are much satisfied with our present location and feel that we made no
mistake locating in the District.

		We are large shippers of small shipments of
merchandise and we have found the service of the Chicago Junction
Railroad, through its 43rd and Robey Street Universal Freight Station,
very efficient and very prompt. The service is efficient and we have found
the railroad officials more than ready to co-operate with us in securing
prompt service.

		We have always found the Trustees of the District
more than ready to help the industries in the District in promoting the
general welfare of the District.

                When we took our location we were a little bit doubtful
whether we would be able to obtain high class office help. We have at the
present time over 250 employees and have had no trouble in obtaining a
splendid character of employees. In our office 60% of the young women whom
we employ are either graduates of have been at least two years in high

		We do not know of any other location in the city that
offers as many advantages for a business such as ours, and were we to
relocate we would certainly pick out for such location the Central
Manufacturing District.

				Yours truly,
				   L A R K I N   C O
				     of Illinois
				   /s/ Kneeland Ball
				   Branch Manager.

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