Retrospective Map of the Southern Fork Portage area, circa 1830

This map depicts information compiled by Alfred Theodore Andreas in his History of Chicago. Like the 1812 map it is a retrospective one. (Only the 1821 map was made at the time the landscape was seen.) The large numbers refer to the survey sections. Bridgeport was in Section Twenty-nine, the South Branch Addition in Section Twenty-eight; the southern sections of Bridgeport were in Sections Thirty-two and Thirty-three. The odd-numbered sections were donated to the state by the federal government for the purpose of funding the constuction of the Illinois and Michigan canal. Note that subdivision has taken place of the non-canal commission controlled lands by this time.

Source: A. T. Andreas, History of Chicago, vol. I (Chicago: A.T. Andreas, 1884), pp. 112ff.

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